Verhan Collection


Great Ideas

Great ideas are inspired not made and so it was when we set out to redesign the Verhan saddle. Joining with our six master saddlers and manufacturing team in England, we aspired to improve and perfect on our previous saddle designs. Taking knowledge from years of experience in saddle construction, saddle fitting as well as riding, training and instructing, we built from the tree up this outstanding performing saddle.  It took our family of professionals both in the saddle industry and successful riders to accomplish this with some added divine intervention. The Verhan TrustIn saddle is truly a masterpiece in the art and science of saddle making.


Incorporating and improving on our industry changing Free Shoulder panel design, the new TrustIn Jumping and Dressage saddles significantly improve the comfort for the horse thereby releasing the back and shoulder of the horse while effortlessly balancing the rider in superior comfort. Experience the Verhan TrustIn saddle for yourself and feel the freedom to perform at you and your horse’s best.



Our most advanced design utilizes our improved tree that removes pressure points in the shoulder and back of the horse resulting in the best fit and comfort of the horse ever. Horses show a visible improvement in movement with this design. Rider balance is forward, deep and fluid with beautiful and effective leg position. You and your horse will fully benefit from the comfort and function of this modern saddle.


Our original dressage favorite for its forward balance, deep seat with elegant reduced cantle and unique thigh block that holds the leg without turning the knee out. Encourages a long, straight classical leg position. Updated with our free shoulder fit for revolutionary freedom of movement in the horse’s shoulder. Available in a large 6cm block (Odyssey I) or medium 4 cm block (Odyssey II).


Our original dressage favorite for those who prefer a very small thigh block. Based on the Odyssey deep seat with high placed thigh buds for just a little support. We added our updated free shoulder fit because every horse deserves the best.

TrustIn Para-dressage

Designed for the para equestrian with the design advantages of our new TrustIn tree and panel design for the horse. Customized for your specific need.



Our new tree design boast the most advanced features that remove pressure points in the shoulder and back of the horse resulting in the best fit and comfort of the horse ever. Horses show a visible improvement in movement with this design. Sporting the excellent balance of the Classic TM and same ergonomic thigh blocks. With our options for the horse and choice of moderate or deep seat, it is sure to fit all your performance needs.

Classic TM

Improved over our original Minikus jump saddle, a next generation classic for the Grand Prix or Hunter ring.  With perfect forward balance, hidden ergonomic thigh blocks and a choice of moderate or deep seat this distinguished saddle out performs its competitors with our advanced free shoulder technology allowing Total Movement (TM) of the horse.


Here is improved free Shoulder performance for the Eventer as well as the European style Grand Prix jumper. Very forward flap with large thigh block and rear calf block provides stability whilethe choice of deep or flat seat allows for rider preference. Also available in mono- flap.  Designed to jump clean with maximum shoulder comfort.

All Verhan saddles come with wool flocked panels, computer generated wooden spring trees, Herm Springer hardware, finest Italian and English leather and top grade Swiss chrome billets. A life time guarantee on the tree excluding accident comes with every saddle. Our saddles are adjustable to fit your horse now, change with your horse later or can be moved to your new horse making Verhan a lasting investment.

Caring for your Verhan Saddle

Always remember that leather is an organic material that is elastic, soft and permeable. Quality leather is treated with natural ingredients such as plant oils, vinegar, natural dyes and water. Leather will react to its environment such as humidity, temperature, use, storage, cleaning and conditioning. Different reactions may happen since it comes from different hides. Variations in color and texture are a natural part of the leather and not to be considered flaws.

Sweat is an irritant to leather. The salt and pH will break down the fibers of the hide. The pH of some people’s sweat may affect the leather on the seat more than others. Cleaning the seat with a damp, clean cloth to remove the sweat is always recommended immediately after every use.

Friction is also an irritant and will result in excessive wear and eventual tearing. All materials that come in contact with the leather should be clean and smooth and the leather maintained with enough grease to prevent rubbing. Boots, full seat britches and jackets can contribute to wear.

We recommend Effax leather care products. We do not recommend glycerin soap or any kind of one step cleaner. Our suggested care of the saddle is to wipe it down after every ride to remove sweat and dust with a clean damp cloth. Apply Effax Leather Balsam all over after riding as needed to keep the saddle soft and supple without getting flabby. Once a month deep clean the saddle with EffaxCombi in a spray bottle. This product deep cleans and can strip the natural oils so do not over use. Follow deep cleaning with an application of Effax Leather Oil. This will deeply penetrate to nourish and soften so do not over apply. A new saddle should be oiled before being used and may need a second oiling before one month. Never saturate the leather on the seat and knee rolls with oil since it will compromise not only the leather but also the foam underneath. Different leather may react with different products making the saddle two toned. Never grease, oil or wet the billet straps.

If the rider desires to darken the color of the leather, success has been achieved by using two parts of Blue Ribbon Oil and One part of Tanner’s Oil with or without darkening dye. Apply in light coats and repeat in a 24 hour period.