About Us


The Saddle Corner is owned by renowned saddle designer Bernardo Vergara and his wife Gigi. Together they bring 50 plus years of experience in designing and manufacturing some of the worlds most respected saddles. From the early years introducing the USA to the Prestige saddle to the revolutionary Verhan Free Shoulder design and now the ultimate in total back and shoulder freedom of the Verhan TrustIn saddle, the Vergara’s have worked with riders and horses of all levels to relieve pain and release full athletic potential.

Bernardo uses his knowledge as a dressage/jumper rider, trainer and saddle fitter to develop products that enhance saddle fit thereby improving your horse’s performance while allowing the rider’s position to be comfortable and effective. Since 2001 he has continually dedicated his time and experience to developing and improving our own Verhan Saddle. Each model combines ideal fit and balance and incorporates age old traditions of master saddle makers while using the modern technology of today.

In 2014 we opened our Saddle Service Center in Ocala, FL to bring this experience and knowledge to owners of older saddles and other brands. Now you can have your old saddle cared for and revitalized with the same exacting standards we use in our own saddle manufacturing.